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God spoke through JJ Freeman.... living words of life into the brain of a dead woman named Jolene from North Carolina!!!

Woman Raised From The Dead


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On December the 17th about 9 o’clock in the evening. I received a call from Terry Reisner, a Pastor of a church in Calhoun Ga. He said brother Freeman, there’s a young woman 29 years old. Her name is Jolene. She is the daughter of two people I’ve known for years. Their names are Linda Smith and Kenneth Smith. He said that their daughter is brain dead, she overdosed on some medication and is brain dead in the hospital. In the critical unit. I told them that if you call them, that you would minister to the woman and whatever J.J. Freeman tells you. You do it. That’s what he told the woman Jolene’s mother, her name is Linda. They were waiting for my call. We got together on the phone and she was in the hospital room and the 2 doctors had removed the life support from the 29 year old woman, Jolene. They informed her that her brain was totally dead and there was no more hope and her kidneys had already failed and they were waiting for her heart to quit beating so they could ship her to the funeral home. So I was on the phone and gave them instructions, I gave Linda Smith instructions. I told them to put the cell phone to her ear. Remembering Jolene was brain dead and could not hear anything or anyone’s voice. She put it to her ear but she had the speaker phone on and I said take the speaker phone off. Just put the phone up to her ear without the speaker phone on. She put it to the ear and this power of God that comes on me and miracles like this causes me to where I can’t breath and just the power of God moves upon me. I rebuked the Spirit of death and commanded it to leave and I told Jolene in her ear on the phone, I said you are alive now. I said you can live now Jolene. Death is gone and she opened her eyes in front of all of them in the room and relatives and she smiled and moved and they began to yell and carry on about her coming alive. They had mentioned that I had said in the morning she will order a glass of orange juice. The next morning she said I want some orange juice and she was sitting up laughing and talking with them drinking her orange juice the next morning and she walked and went to the bathroom. This is an expressed, resurrection miracle by Jesus Christ! The Author of life. This is J.J. Freeman and those people in Georgia, Pastor Terry told me, they’re just coming unglued with excitement and everybody is just talking about this great miracle of resurrection. We thank God for it! We Give God the glory! If you need a miracle, call 877-577-6122. If you’re serious with God.

Woman Raised From The Dead 2


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Also, previous from the phone call from the Pastor, Terry. The day before, the Lord spoke to me and said I’m going to heal a woman’s brain. Told me that and then I got the call.

This is why when you know a genuine man of God, you cling to him!!!

Hear the given details of what happened, when the man of God JJ Freeman spoke life into the ear of a dead woman. named Jolene.

Audio Testimony

What happen because of one call to a man of God , JJ Freeman.

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